Bulk Assign a Category to Downloaded Transactions

This feels so basic and that it should be there so perhaps I am just missing something. I would like to select several downloaded transactions all to the same vendor and assign them to a category but instead I have to go through them one by one and each one takes about 10+ seconds and a lot of clicking to assign them all and I get a spinny wheel after each one and it is very painful to go through. When I get 3 months behind and want to catchup I could save hours with this simple function.


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    Have you looked into Memorized Transactions and Renaming Rules?
    With Renaming Rules your can Standardize the vendor name (so that "Shell 1027" and "Shell  2035" - different store numbers - simply become "Shell") THEN, with Memorized transactions, you can store "Shell" to always be "Gasoline'

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    Thank you that is very helpful I was trying to get that to also work earlier today and couldn't remember how to get them to go to specific categories and I read that they get categorized by your bank so I didn't try that any further.

    The problem though in my case is I am reconciling different cards so Wal-Mart purchases on the grocery card would always be grocery but on other cards that would not be the case. Plus there are some cards that all go to my wife's category and are only there to make it simple for things like transfers between our account.

    Thank you for your very speedy reply!
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