How do I print all of the categories in a payslip

I am using Quicken 2004 in the UK. If I use the "find" function to see the transactions entered for a particular payee all that I get is the net amount input and not the gross, tax and other deductions.
How can I get a list of all items.
If I were to require details of split categories for a non-payslip entry the find function will list every item. Why does this not work with payslips.


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    I've never used QW2004 so this might or might not work for you.  If QW2004 offers an Itemized Categories report pull that up.  When the report comes up try customizing it.  More recent versions of QW have a Gear icon in the top right of the report for this.  If there is a Gear icon at the top right, click on it:
    1. Select the date range you want.
    2. Display Tab:  Sort by Date/Account and click on "Reset Columns".
    3. Accounts Tab:  Select All.
    4. Categories Tab:  Select All.
    5. Payees Tab:  Click on "Clear All" and then select the payee you want.  Then click "OK".
    Hopefully this will give you the information you want to see.
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    Thanks for your interest in my question.

    The problem is that Q2004 does not have the Gear icon in the report and 2004 is the last version released in the UK.

    I would be interested in upgrading providing that it would work in the UK. I am not interested in UK tax issues so any tax specific elements would not worry me. Provided that I can set the local currency to GBP then I should be able cope.

    At the moment when I run a Quicken report I save it as a tab deliminated text file before converting it to Excel. Normally I can set up appropriate formulae in order to resolve any issues relating to multiple categories etc.
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    Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to provide you with much assistance since I have absolutely no familiarity with QW2004 (I started using Quicken with 2006 and don't even remember much about the functionality of that version).  Even though your version doesn't have the Gear icon, I would think there is some other method to be able to customize reports.  Maybe your version's "Help" provides some insight into this?
    Also, rather than use the "find" function you might want to explore what reports your version does offer to see if one or more will show the details of split category transactions that you want to see.  If you find one you can then export it, convert it to Excel and once in Excel you can filter it to show only those transactions and categories for the specific payee.
    That's about the extant of what I can suggest.  Good luck.
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