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I have set up to have my bills automatically entered 30 days ahead. I had no problem doing that on a prior version of Quicken. I updated to Quicken for Rental Property. I believe it initially entered transactions 30 days ahead, but it is not doing that now even though it says they are set up for automatic entry.


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    Hmm I don't know what the problem is, I will leave that to others to answer, but I would suggest that instead of automatically entering your transactions so far ahead you should look into the "newish" feature where Quicken can allow you to show your reminders in the account. It works pretty much as if you had pre-entered them (the balance updates as if they are already "saved"), but at any given time you can choose to show them in the register or not, and for different time ranges. Click on the Clock icon in the upper right to enable this.
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