Lifetime Planner IDEA: Allow User Reset of Data and Save Multiple "What If" Plan Scenarios

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Lifetime Planner IDEA:  Allow User Reset of Data and Save Multiple "What If" Plan Scenarios

There were a number of requests from users to be able to reset or delete LTP data -  to start a completely new plan.   Most recently here:

This idea builds on this latest and past requests for this functionality.   Additionally, I have added a complimentary feature to allow a user to create and save a baseline plan along with multiple scenarios (similar to the Tax Planner).   I have recreated this idea from a past idea that was lost sometime during the latest forum software change...

Below are some illustrations that might serve to generate additional ideas from both users and product team.  Click on the images to make them bigger and have a look.

If you like this idea, please vote.  If you don't, please make it better (then vote!).    

Also, check out this LTP bug and enhansement thread, containing a number of bug reports and enhansement requests.  Please visit it and make your voice heard by voting there as well.

Voting in both places helps the product team gauge user demand for this idea as well as for the overall LTP feature.

A LTP data reset looks like this....

LTP data reset and plan "what -if" scenarios (selection and saves) might look like this....

Saving scenarios in the "What If' dialog might look like this....

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  • pdq
    pdq Member ✭✭
    This would be a really useful addition to explore and retain ideas (buy a vacation home, move to Spain, etc.) without messing up a base plan. Then, if you actually decide to implement a change, you can set a scenario to be your new base plan. Also, all plans need a basis date so when you enter dollars in "today's dollars", the values are properly escalated for inflation.
  • evilknieval
    evilknieval Member ✭✭
    Of course, they also need to make the Planning Assumptions window resizable and big enough to use the features in it.