Quicken Failed to install - Exit Code: 1638. What now?

Renewed subscription from Deluxe to Premier, and received above install error. The "Online Help" button re-directs to http://qw.quicken.com/cgi-bin/QInstRedir.cgi?platform=w&version=2017&area=QUICKEN&errno=1638, which results in error "can't reach this page." What should I do next?? Thanks!

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  • LarryJRD
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    Thanks. Spent an hour on the phone with premium support, and still couldn't get everything cleaned out using qcleanui....Quicken was still listed in Windows APPs, but would fail uninstall. Ended up later successfully re-installing the previous version, and then successfully uninstalling using Windows APP install/uninstall, and then successfully installing the newly purchased Quicken Premier. All appears good now, but took over 4 hours of fiddling. Go figure.

    Creator...thanks for directions and location of Premium service phone number.


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