Up and down arrows do nothing

I have various accounts for mutual funds. I select an account and then at the top select holdings. I expand the holdings to see individual lots. It brings up a table with my lots and various columns that have a blue up or down arrow in them. I click on the arrow to sort the table by that column and nothing happens.


  • NotACPA
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    When I follow your instructions, and click on, for example, the Shares header, it sorts the table by the total number of shares for each security ... not the totals for each lot.
    Within each security, the lots remain in date order.
    Is that what you're seeing?

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  • ronzimmerman1
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    Yes, Most of my accounts have only one mutual account, but it does sort accounts by security id you have more than one. However, in a individual security the up and down arrows do nothing. I want to sort by cost basis, or gain/loss. The arrows that are present do nothing.
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