How to print a report showing ALL split transactions

Using 2017 Rental Property manager. I want to print a year-end itemized rental income report that shows ALL split transactions for the selected category. For example, some deposits have late fees and other non-income $$ which are split into different categories. I want the customized category report to show the splits.


  • Jim_Harman
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    How do you want the report to be organized, with all the splits for a given transaction broken out but together with the other splits for the transaction, or with all the split amounts grouped together with the others for that category?
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  • Chrystinp
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    I did not ask this question, but have the same problem. Prior versions of Quicken automatically printed all split transactions. The category and amounts for each component would print.

    Why would this not be carried out to subsequent versions of Quicken? How the heck do I make it print ALL the information? When I do a search of Quicken on the web I find all these reports of X free programs better than Quicken. I may need to look at those if this program is not functional. At this point an excel spreadsheet would function better.
  • UKR
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    Current versions of Quicken for Windows also still do this, but you may have to keep an eye open for an optional selection in the report's Customization or Setup dialog, whether to "Show Splits" or not ... and you may have to select this option every time you pull up the report again from scratch.
    Once you have a report customized to your needs, as to selections, date ranges, columns to show, column widths, show splits, etc. I recommend you save the report customization settings, in case you want to use the same report again at a later date.
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