Problem with accounts--Quicken created a new account for my credit card

About 3 weeks ago I there was a glitch with downloading transactions for my credit card. To resolve it I had to delete the online connection information and re-enter it for the account. Turns out that Quicken created a new account for the credit account and has been downloading all new transactions into the new account. Since I have several years of transactions, it is inconvenient to have them spread across 2 accounts. How do I rectify this situation? Running on Windows 10 and the app just updated to version R25.21.

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  • Nicole
    Nicole Member ✭✭
    Thank you! Since it had been less than a month since I created the duplicate account, I backed up Quicken, deleted the duplicate account, restarted my laptop, then linked the old account to my credit card company using Link to existing account rather than Add new account. This seemed to work, after downloading, the new transactions now appear in the correct account. Since I had quite a few transactions, it was easier than copying them.
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