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I have an account set up as My IRAs. Within that account I have several different mutual funds, CD's, etc. The account now only has 2 valid mutual funds (due to consolidation). The 2 funds are Fidelity funds. Each has it's own acct # and thus I can not set up a direct connection to download reinvestments, etc. I'd like to have each fund in its own Quicken account so I can direct connect to Fidelity.

I see at this link ( that the ability to transfer shares between investment accounts has been Implemented. However it does not discuss how this is done. I would like to move all of Fund A transactions to a new Fund A account in Quicken and likewise for Fund B.

How is this accomplished?
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    Well, that worked almost great. Would have preferred it to also move the actual dates of the transactions so the charts would be created correctly. It would also allow me to see when the fund(s) were first purchased.

    While it would take some time, would it chart correctly if I manually changed the dates to the actual transaction dates? I have about 400 transactions total to change if so.

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    Hmmm, don't know. I've never actually used it myself. Give it a try and let us know. ;-)
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    I couldn't Save my edits for above so here is the entire edited comment.

    Ok, I've gotten one done. Here are the steps since the transactions are NOT brought in by date order. Thus the Lot X of Y is not correct by date (see Memo column).

    Obviously, one must create the new account in Quicken and transfer the appropriate shares to that account first.

    1. Filter the Quicken account that contains the Fund that you transferred shares FROM by the Fund Name
    2. Choose File > Export > Register Transactions to CSV File... Then choose All Visible Transactions to export.
    3. Save the resulting file
    4. Open that file with Excel
    5. Remove the top file info rows. You want the column headers to be in row 1
    6. Perform a custom sort and choose the Shares In column and select ascending.
    7. Put boxes around the cells so when you print you can follow rows easier.
    8. Highlight the data and choose Font size around 16 or so. Resize columns so data is readable.
    9. While highlighted, choose Print. Set to Landscape. Choose Fit to Page and enter pages 1 to 10. Scroll though the pages in the print view to be sure you have all your data rows. The last page should have fewer rows than previous pages.
    10. Print
    11. Back in Quicken, open the new account that the shares were transferred to. Click on the Shares In column to sort ascending from lowest to highest # of shares. If the Shares In column isn't visible, add that column to the view.
    12. Now the data should match up row by row. Edit the Date column for each row as required. BE SURE TO USE 4 DIGIT YEARS FOR ANYTHING BEFORE THE YEAR 2000. And check the Shares In data between the printout & Quicken to ensure you are entering the correct date for that row.

    Mine were Traditional IRA's so the dividend and capital gains data over time isn't really needed and that is good because none of that is captured with the Transferred Type being "Add Shares".
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    Well, edit didn't;t work again so here is another edit.

    BE SURE TO USE 4 DIGIT YEARS FOR ANYTHING BEFORE THE YEAR 2001. If you enter 00 for 2000, it seems to default to 2020.
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    I went thru this exercise recently , you are correct  in that the lot dates do not show up in the destination register but the actual lots/ dates do show up correctly in the portfolio view
  • Rick2022
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    I'm up to date with the subscription version and my initial transfer had a single point in the portfolio view (date of the add shares) until I changed each register date.

    The Memo/Notes field has "Transfer shares from IRA - lot X of 199" where "X" is not in order of the original transaction date. In other words, for 4/1/2020 it may be X = 100 but for 2/1/2020 it may be X = 136.
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    > @RickO said:
    Unfortunately, it will not move the original transactions from one account to the other.

    Is there any way to move the original investment transactions to a new account? Cash transactions can be dragged-and-dropped between accounts—super convenient! But you can't do this with investment transactions it seems.

    I have a couple of old 401k's that have historical purchase data in them but 0 balances because I transferred the shares to a rollover IRA. I would just like to move those transactions into the rollover IRA so I can keep the purchase history and not have to the old 401k accounts with zero balances. Any way to do this? Thanks.
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    If you don't want to see the old 401k's you can hide them in lists and reports. Right click on the 401K name, select Edit and then at the bottom of the pop-up select the 2 options for Hide Accounts. This will hide them from your sidebar too.

    If you are trying to track values, cap gains, dividends, etc over the life of the account (make a backup copy of your data file) I would try to set the 401K account to download the rollover IRA data. Verify all transactions were downloaded and manually add those that weren't. Delete the Rollover IRA in quicken and then change the name of your 401K account in Quicken to the rollover IRA. Edit the new rollover IRA account and in the comments add notes saying this account started as a 401K while working for xxx on some date. Plus add whatever else you think is appropriate.
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  • Rick2022
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    edited May 2020
    Re-reading your question, are you saying you have a couple old 401K's that you rolled over to the same rollover IRA? If so, my previous suggestion won't work.

    I believe the best you could do is transfer the shares from the 401K to the Rollover IRA and then use by directions above to change the dates on all of the transactions since they show up with the date as being the date of transfer.

    Once done, you will still need to hide the old 401K's if you don't want them in the sidebar because those accounts will still exist with all of the transactions still inside.

    DO NOT DELETE the old 401K accounts as other accounts are linked due to purchases, etc.
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