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Portfolio view Income column

I customized a Portfolio view to add the Income (and Income %) columns. I also created an Investment income report for 2019 then compared the two. Of maybe 20 different stocks and mutual funds, only 2 matched. The others were way off. For example, $3838 from the Investment report (Cash+Invest column for _DivInc and _LT CapGnDst) vs $10863 from the Portfolio view Income column for one particular fund. How does Quicken calculate the Income and Income % in the Portfolio view? I'm using Quicken for Windows Deluxe, version R25.21. Thanks


  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Income for a security should be the total of all dividends, interest, miscellaneous income, capital gain distributions (including reinvested income) received for the security as of the As of: date .  The Income (%) for a security should be Income as a percentage of the total cost basis for the security as of the As of: date.
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  • Jeff195Jeff195 Member ✭✭
    Sherlock, thanks, I would not have guessed that Income was total Income received for all dates, and that Income % was based on Cost Basis. Additionally, I discovered that under Options>Portfolio View Options that, at some point in the past, had set "Show return calculations from:" to a date of 12/1/2018 rather than "Earliest available date." Once I changed that, and with the new understanding, everything added up.
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