Quicken will extend to both screens in my dual monitor.

I've used Quicken in dual monitor for many years. I have the excel family budget (that the entire family has access to) on one screen and Quicken (the budget execution) on the other. When I received the latest update: Year 2020 R25.21 Build, when I click in any other program (like coloring the excel field as completed [reconciled with the bank], or marking it as entered into Quicken for next month), Quicken extends to fill (and usually extend beyond) the two screens. Most times it leaves the top visible so I can drag the entire window to one side (usually the left so I can access the collapse/make sizable/close window icons). However about 10% of the time it extends above the viewable screen so I must shut it down and reopen.

So far, I've tried:
- Shifting screens Quicken is on. (If I put it on the right, it still extends 2 screens worth, but now I have to drag both screens from the right all the way to the left to do the repair I mentioned before).
- Rebooting the computer.
- Updating windows: Windows 10 Home, Version 1909, OS Build 18363.720 (Set to auto update)

Is there a fix to keep it on one screen only?
Thank you!!!!

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