Why did Quicken create 2 identical files when performing the "year-end copy" process?

Performed the year-end copy process, specifying that all transactions prior to 1/1/20 be archived and removed from my current file. Quicken created an archive file with ALL transactions in it (even after 1/1/20), and left ALL transactions prior to 1/1/20 in my current file.


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    First off let me say that the Year End Copy dialog is setup so not to loose any data.
    All of your data will be at least in both of them (and can be more).

    If you notice when you select the "I only want transactions...." option the "This archive data file...." date is greyed out.  This is the indication that it isn't going to allow you to pick what going into this archive file.  It is going to simply make a copy of your current data file for the archive.  This is why that data file has everything in it.

    As for why your current data file still has the old transactions in it, well that breaks down into about these categories.

    1) User don't understand what Quicken will and will not remove.  It will not remove any investment transactions.  It will not remove any transactions that aren't reconciled, including transactions that are transfers and one side is still not reconciled.

    2) Quicken detects some kind of error in data file and stops.

    3) Unknown bugs.  Most long time users/SuperUsers would never use Year End Copy because they don't want to loose being able to look at their history.  And also because once split it is almost impossible to put them back together.  As a result such user at most only "test" every once in a while and do really use it "for real".
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