Quicken.com won't let me purchase Q2020

I have Quicken 2017 for Windows. So about a month ago, when I fired up Quicken, I get this notification:

"Quicken 2017 Will Stop Downloading Transactions on April 30th"

Okay, so I need to upgrade to 2020 - no biggee - it's been 3 years. So in Quicken, I click on the link that says:

"Save 10% and Stay Connected"

and it opens my Chrome browser and sends me to Quicken.com and Chrome automatically logs me into my account. So I click on:

"Buy Now" for Home and Business. ($99) (Hmmm, where's my 10% discount?)

And it sends me to a page stating:

"You currently have an active membership that is valid until Mar 6th, 2021."
"Please come back later to renew that membership"

Hmmm, that's strange. So I click on "Continue" and it sends me back to the main Quicken.com page!?!?!? What happened to my purchase?

Bottom line - IT WON'T LET ME UPGRADE!!!

Also tried with MS Edge Browser with same result. (Had to manually log in however).

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