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I just update from Quicken 2007 having used Quicken for >20 years. I spent 1 hour with support to find that Quicken Subscription does not allow for reconciliation of share balances only cash balances. Quicken 2007 and prior allowed this very easily when setting up an account as a mutual fund. I don't see this as an option. This prevents using this to manage retirement accounts where the account does not have an interface to download transactions. Has anyone figured out a work around? :#


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    On the Windows side "Reconcile Shares" only appears when you are downloading of transactions, because all it does is compare the share balances of the securities in Quicken to what was downloaded from the financial institution for a given date.

    And if it is off you still have to go through the transactions to figure out what went wrong.

    Without a download there isn't anything Quicken can compare to in this manner.

    In general even for an account where I could download transactions, but wanted to reconcile to a statement which would have a different date what I did is just look at the number of shares each security had on a given date in the Investment portfolio view.

    If wrong, I would then go to the register and figure out what transaction(s) were causing the mismatch.  And then after that do the reconcile for the cash.
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