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My laptop kept crashing and/or freezing when I was using Quicken.

This was six years ago. Support told me that my database was too large. I have transactions dating back to 2005. They said I should make my database smaller and proceeded (with my permission-although I wasn't sure about it) cut out all transactions from 2005 to 2015. I now don't think that was the right thing to do. I am now wanting to create some reports using data back to 2005. I still have backups of the old data. It was, of course, used with a much older version of Quicken. How can I merge/import/? those transactions into my current database?


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    Once split in half, the two parts of your Quicken data file cannot be put together again.
    Take a look at the archive file that Support created. It might contain all the records from 2005 to the day of the split.
    If the split was performed recently, within a few days of today, you can also restore a backup of your data file taken before the split. Now all you have to do is to manually add in the missing transactions since the split was done.
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    The files were split 6 years ago. So, it wouldn't be practical to restore a backup from before the split.
    Any other ideas?
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    I read the posts from June 2009
    "Here is a post originally added by jepollard:
    Merging Quicken Files"


    My old split files are dated 2005 to 2015.
    Used Quicken 2014 but I have converted those files to the Quicken 365.

    My current files are dated 2016 to current date. I am using Quicken 365.

    I don't need to transfer Investment data.
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    What is "Quicken 365"?
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    Sorry, it's a subscription now, like Office 365. I misstated it. I have Quicken 2020.
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    If you want to merge the data files, you'll need to export and import the data.  As you're not interested in investment data, you may be able to use QXF format.  Otherwise, use QIF format.  I suggest you review:


    If you use QIF format, you may want to review: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7150750/faq-how-to-import-qif-files-into-non-cash-accounts-post-q2004

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