What is best practice to restore split transaction detail after a File Validation/Repair?

After working with Quicken support to address a file corruption issue (Super Validate & Repair) on a different account. I am discovering weeks later that historical, reconciled transactions (paychecks) that were split are now just the net amount in my checking account. Historical info needed due to unemployment claim as the detail is gone... I can find some of info in a backup .... if i reuse the backup, then I reintroduce the file corruption issue. What is the recommended best way to get the split transactions into the repaired data file?


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    Hi @Tom,

    So, as I understand it you need to correct certain payroll transactions in your "recently fixed" Quicken data file because those payroll transactions were altered by the "Super Validate/Repair" process.  One way to do this would be to: 

    1) determine the dates, and create a list - outside of Quicken, of each of the "corrupted payroll transactions" that are missing information;
    2) make a backup of the "repaired" Quicken file;
    3) restore the most recent "old backup file" (i.e. - the one right before the "Super Validate/Repair" process), and collect as much information about the "corrupted payroll transactions" from this file manually (i.e. write it down, use an excel spreadsheet, etc. - outside of Quicken);
    3) restore the backup file created in step # 2) above;
    4) manually enter the missing payroll transaction information collected above in
     step # 3).

    Sorry I can't think of an easier way forward, but this is what i would do given your fact pattern.


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    In my opinion, the best way to get the paycheck transactions into the repaired data file is to reenter paycheck transactions using the paycheck reminder.  Hopefully, you're able to obtain the details required from saved pay stubs or backups.
    Regarding the unemployment claim, the rules vary by state.  Generally, you only need the gross earnings for the last week and for the past 18 months of employment.  Your W2's should simplify the effort.
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