I have an old unused investment account that is showing negative balances.

Over the years Vanguard has changed account numbers and formats. My current accounts are now in balance but i have one old account that is showing a large negative security balance. How do I remove the entire account from my account inventory.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    Right click on the the account name in the Account bar and select Edit/Delete Account, and then there is a Delete Account at the bottom of this dialog.

    But note deleting this account might "unbalance" other accounts that have transfers to/from this account.  Be sure to make a backup before trying.

    A better way to get rid of cash in a closed account like this is to do a Withdraw and set the category to [The Account Name], where "This Account Name" is the name of the account you are in.  This is basically a "balance adjustment" which tells Quicken to remove the cash without affecting any other account or category.

    If there are shares in a security that shouldn't be there use the Remove Shares action.
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  • jms2106
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    I adjusted the cash balance and tried to delete the account but there are still shares (a lot of them) in the account.

    Do you have to remove the securities one at a time? That would be very tedious. I"m looking for a broad stroke removal. The securities beginning date is 1998 and the ending date in the extra account is 2012 when all the securities were transferred into a new account in October of 2012.
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