Can I have 2 desktop icons for Quicken Premier

I have the need to run the same Quicken program on two different Quicken data files. I would like to have two Icons on the desktop. One for Quicken data file A and one for Quicken data file B. Both files were maintained on different computers.

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  • Bone Daddy
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    I want to manage two data files from the same Quicken program. Both files were created and managed different computers, however with the same Version of quicken.
  • Bone Daddy
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    Thanks for the quick response. I should have known that. You the man.
  • GeoffG
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    Quicken can manage multiple data files. You should only have one Quicken icon that is the program. The icons you may be describing are the data files that should not be on your desktop. These files should reside under your Documents\Quicken folder. You can access any data file in Quicken under File listed at the bottom of the menu.
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