How do I change the account for an online bill?

I set up an online bill for my cell phone. It seems to work OK. It connects to verizon and gets my bill. But when I pay it, the account field is set to my checking account. I want to pay this from my credit card, but the drop down account list has only my credit card.

How do I tell Quicken I want to pay this from my credit card? I tried deleting the entry for Verizon and adding it again, but nowhere does it allow e to select the account.

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  • Quicken Diana
    Quicken Diana Moderator, Employee mod

    Marvin Gardens

    Hello, thank you for bringing your question to the community today. Are you using the new Bill Manager feature in Quicken? We are only able to link checking accounts for the Quick Pay option, so making the payment with your credit card would not be an option here.

    -              Quicken Diana

  • Marvin Gardens
    Marvin Gardens Member ✭✭
    I guess I misunderstood how this works. Verizon charges my credit card automatically. I was assuming (hoping) that Q would fetch the bill from Verizon and enter it into my credit card register, saving me the step of typing it in.
  • Marvin Gardens
    Marvin Gardens Member ✭✭
    Brilliant! That's exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks
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