Multiple Quicken Data Finances - How do I remove skeleton ones?


I recently migrated from MS Money Windows to latest Quicken Mac via Quicken Windows. In other words, it was a 2-step migration. During both migrations, I opted to synchronize to Quicken Web. In hindight, that was a mistake because now there are multiple Quicken Data Finance entries in Quicken Web.

What I mean by that is when I log on to Quicken Web, at the bottom left corner of the screen is a big 'U' (my name starts with 'U'). When I click on the 'U', where it says 'Finances', underneath it there are 4 identical lines of "<myname's> Quicken Data". When I click on 3 of those lines, it returns a skeleton result page where it says

"It looks like you have not synced your accounts yet

To sync your accounts from ..."
And then it gives instructions how to sync from Windows or Mac.

However, clicking one such line (and the order of those lines varies, I believe, because recency of selecting them comes into play) will give the correct results of my account data that I can also access from Quicken Mac.

The problem is that there are 3 empty/skeleton entries, which are misleading/confusing. How can I delete them? Keep in mind that I have only 1 Quicken data file on my Mac with my correct data. There are no other files in the same folder on my Mac that I could potentially delete. So I don't know where/how to delete the bogus empty entries. Please help.


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    You can't delete these "cloud accounts" from Quicken Web, they have to be deleted from the Desktop.

    I don't use the Mac version so I can't tell you how to get to this section on there (maybe someone else will post on that).

    But for the Windows version you select:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Cloud Accounts -> Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken Id (x), and it will bring up a dialog where you can delete unused cloud accounts.
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