I'm having a problem balancing a new credit card account.

I manualally down a statement month of credit card transictions. balancing is off by opening amount if I clear the opening amount it's doubles my out of balance??


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    For a new credit card, why is there ANY opening balance other than $0?
    Perhaps, have you had the card for a month or 2 and are just now setting it up?
    Also, in what COLUMN is that "Opening Balance" amount?  Have you tried just moving the amount to the other column?  For a Card, there normally would be a "Charge" amount if the "Opening Balance" isn't $0
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  • UKR
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    If you owe money to the credit card company at the start of the month, the Opening Balance transaction must be entered as a negative amount (e.g., -123.45), appearing in red in the Balance column in Quicken, even if the credit card statement shows the amount as unsigned (positive) number.
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