Multiple online accounts with the same bank

My wife and I have different logins to bank and 401K accounts at the same back. I am only able to download transactions for one. How can I setup multiple online accounts for different accounts at the same bank?

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  • Sherlock
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    We setup distinct credentials with a bank the same way we setup any credential with the bank.  The only trickiness is shared accounts are only linked to one credential and ignored by the others and we should not mix the Express Web Connect and the Direct Connect connection methods with the bank.

    There is a known issue with multiple 401k accounts when they're with the same employer. 
  • karthiks
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    Thanks for responding. I need further clarification on your comments.

    1. Bank accounts - If me and my wife have accounts with the same bank that are not joint, in one Quicken file, can I associate her account with her login credentials and associate mine with my login credentials?

    2. 401Ks - Our 401Ks are with different employers but both are held in fidelity. Similar to the bank question, can each 401K account be associated with a different login credential?

    If the answer to either question is yes, please share guidance on how to set this up in Quicken (windows / subscription version).
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