Transactions stopped downloading for all Web connect accounts how do I re-enable this?

Noticed over the last week or so that during startup One step would run successfully and balances were in fact updating but no transactions would download. I would then have to login and download manually the transactions which then grabbed months worth, from last time I did it on line, and then I would have to delete all the duplicates from the Downloaded Trans list...very annoying?
How come this has stopped. I even tried deactivating one account and re-activating and still it did not pull down the transaction that I had just completed an hour before. This was working now it just appears to have stopped.
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    Are you sure that you're talking about the 'Web connect" method of downloading?  Because that's entirely manual (you initiate the download from the bank's website), and can't be used with One Step Update.
    Perhaps, are you talking about "Express web Connect", which can be used with One Step Update?
    Also, we're going to need more info to assist you.  What Q Product are you running and what BUILD of that product.  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.  And, if it's there, what's your "Valid Thru" date?
    Next, what bank's/cards/etc are you talking about?  What bank issued those cards?
    Do TOOLS, Account List and tell us what's in the "Financial Institution" column for each of these accounts.  Also, what does it say there in the "Transaction Download" column?

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    Sorry yes Express web connect latest update applied today to Quicken Deluxe R25.22 build Canada edition.

    It was working up until recently but I can not pin point when it stopped all I know is today when I logged in one-step ran and my payroll should have shown up in the Download Transactions and when it didn't but I saw the Online balance reflected the addition I questioned why it didn't download the transaction.

    I then logged in and did a download manually but of course it download since last one which grabbed all from beginning of the year which I then had to manually delete one-by-one just to download and reconcile two new transactions...what a pain.

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    Yeah One-Step update is no longer downloading is updating the balance though????
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    Hello @rgmiket


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the late response. Is this still currently happening? Also the online balance is updating but is not bringing in any of the transactions correct? It doesn't sound like it brings up any errors either. Could you by chance post a photo of the one step summary update?

    I did that that you've also tried deactivating and reactivating once. Did you by chance have more accounts with that specific bank? If you did could you try deactivating them all and reactivating them when you get a chance. You could also try another bank with maybe 1 account instead if it's also having issues.

    When you get a chance let us know how it goes!




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