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Quick Subscription Assoc with Different Quicken ID than Q2017

Have been running Q2017HB, installed via disk, probably purchased from Costco. Used one of my emails as the Quicken ID. Just purchased the Subscription QHomeBiz thru Amazon which is associated with a different email address.

After installing the download, Quicken is telling me my subscription is associated with a different email than my historical Quicken ID. Obviously a result of the email associated with Amazon.

It appears the instructions are telling me to change it to the downloaded email assoc with Amazon but it also gives me the activate button.

Before I disassociate my history Quicken ID ... here are some questions:

1) Do I have to use the Amazon email as a new Quicken ID?
2) Can I get the existing Quicken ID associated with the new subscription?
3) Any good/required reasons to switch the Quicken ID email?
4) Any good reasons why not to switch the Quicken ID email?
5) Searched for such a scenario but did not find one ... any published HOW TOs for this so I don't screw something up?

Thank you in advance for your help!

LarryG in Missouri

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