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I recently bought into the subscription version of Quicken for Mac. It created a new quicken file, but all my info was there. When I try to download from my bank, it opens my old quicken 17. Can I delete this file and just keep the new version? or will it somehow mess everything up?

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  • RickO
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    Need some clarification... It sounds like you used the option in the getting started dialog in QMS (Quicken Mac Subscription) to start with your QM2017 file, right? So you have a new QMS data file with all your old info. But when you try to open it, you end up running QM2017? 

    So, exactly what are you doing to get started trying to run QMS? 

    Once QMS has imported your QM2017 file, you can safely delete both the QM2017 app and its data file. But I want to make sure you are up and running in QMS successfully before we try to do this.
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  • jimkimf
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    Yes. I have the new version and that is the one I open and use. All my data is there. But if I export from my bank to quicken, and quicken is not already running... it’s the 17 that opens. So I want to just delete the 17. That makes sense to me, just want to make sure I won’t mess anything up LOL
  • jimkimf
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    thank you!!!!
  • jacobs
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    Or instead of double-clicking on the QFX file, just drag it over the Quicken (subscription) icon in your dock, which will force that version to launch. 
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