Reconciling with a paper statement.

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I have Quicken 2017 for Mac. I used to reconcile using paper statements and had a choice to select online or paper statements. I would enter the closing amounts from the statement and then do a reconcile. Today when I tried to do a reconcile there was no option to use a paper statement. I tried help and now community. One suggestion was to go to Tools>Account List and uncheck ‘Reconcile using online balance’. I am unable to find any button or menu entitled “Tools”. What happened to my option to reconcile to a paper statement?


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    "Tools" is a quick clue that you were looking at information for Quicken Windows. There is, as you've discovered, not Tools in Quicken Mac.

    On the Reconcile screen, are you seeing "Reconcile to the online balance" at the top of the screen? If so, there is a Back button on the right side next to the Done button. Click Back and it will take you to the reconcile startup screen where you can click the radio button to Use Statement Balance.
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    Thank you!!! I tried everything but Back. Since it was the view that came up when I clicked Reconcile I didn't think there was any thing to go back to.
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