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I need to run a report for my accountant on my taxes for last year. In past years, I do this by running a customized category report. I select the category tab and then select the specific categories I need. I tried to run an updated report today (sent her one a month ago) to answer some new questions, and it's not giving me the selected categories ... I know I'm selecting all the right things: 1) "last year" for date range, 2) I selected the button for "Include only transactions for selected categories" ... but it refuses to give me any of them ... in fact, it only gives me one unrelated category ...

Anyone having this problem? Workarounds? Known bug? It didn't do this a few months ago when I was preparing my initial list of expenses and income for her ...


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    Which version of Quicken Mac are you running? (Current or older? ) And which report did you select? 

    If you're using the Category Summary Report on the Reports menu, don't. ;)  There are known to be problems with missing data in that report, and because it's an old report carried over from the predecessor software, the developers have apparently decided not to fix it. that's because they've put their time into building the next-generation reports, which you see on the menu as the "Create…" options. Select Create Transaction Report (or Create Summary Report), then customize your date range and the categories you want to include, and you should get the data you're expecting in the report.
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