My Discover account has been hit by lightning

I discovered this morning that my discover account [and only that one] somehow got trashed so badly that even loading backups seems to have the problem!! Two things - first I noticed that *ALL* of my transactions, even reconciled ones are greyed out. Second I can't even load transactions from discover site via QFX files.

I called discover and we deactivated the account and reactivated it and nothing helped. When I tried to load the OFX file from a month ago precisely nothing happened. EVERY transaction is still greyed out.

Any idea what happened to my discover account [and only that one.. for example my chase visa account is fine] and what I can do to get it fixed. As it turns out, the last [in fact, reconciled] transaction is the last time I used my discover card [we've been sheltering in place and haven't done much shopping recently :lol: ] so right now, all the transactions are *there* but seem to be uncleared.

One thing I'll try doing in a few days is use my discover card, then download transactions again and see what happens.

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  • BernieC
    BernieC Member ✭✭
    Thanks very much!! Worked like a charm. I have no idea how that box got checked [since I didn't even know it existed] and that it seemed to only apply to my discover account. But all is well know.
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