Tax Line items are not showing in the Tax Summary

When I printed the Tax Summary only 2 random months of rental income show up. When I checked back to the transactions, only 2 have the check mark indicating a tax item. How can I get the others to show on the Tax Summary? Rental Income has been a tax line item for years and has always shown up okay in the past.
I am using Quicken 2009 Deluxe on windows.

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  • NotACPA
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    A transaction will only show up in the Tax Summary report IF the category that is used by that transaction has a Tax Line associated with it.
    To assign a tax line to a category, do TOOLS, Category list and then click in the ACTION column for that category.  Click the barely visible Clock icon that appears and then click EDIT.   Click "Tax Reporting" and assign a tax line to the particular category.
    Repeat for the other categories that you want to appear on the Tax Summary Report.

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  • marywsc
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    As I said in my question, the category had always had a tax line item assigned to it. I don't know why some of them didn't get picked up, but the right clicking enabled me to correct the transactions that were not showing up. Thank you! Thank you, Rocket J Squirrel!
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