how can a transfer from a checking account to a mortgage account be included in an expense report?

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Hi, the transfer from a checking account to a loan is an expense (payment). How is the transfer set up such the loan is picked up in an expense report?

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  • Mollie20
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    Thanks for the quick feedback. Made the changes you suggested and the mortgage payment showed up in the outflows. I must have been using the old category summary report and I did have the mortgage account selected.
    Oddly, although the mortgage transfer correctly shows up, a few random account transfers to pay a credit card shows up as an inflow. Any thougths?
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    @Mollie20  If you want to eliminate those transactions from your report, in the Customize screen of your report, you can click on the Accounts tab to select (or deselect) which accounts are included in your report.

    From the perspective of your credit card account, payments are an inflow. From the perspective of your checking account, payments are an outflow. So it depends what you include in a report's setup as to what's an inflow or outflow. 
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