Report closes when I access register to change item

Old quicken good. New quicken not so much. Used to be able to create a report and then by double clicking on a report item be taken to that item in the register to make the needed change. Previous yearly version this worked great and left the report open to come back to. Now every time I click on the report item it will take me to the item in the register and close the report. Therefore, I am having to reopen the report repeatedly and find where I left off and go through the process again. Very time consuming compared to Quicken 2016 which was the last yearly version I owned prior to the new yearly subscription. Doesn't make a difference if report has been saved or not. Also report closes if I try to access the register for any action. Any help appreciated.

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  • clanging
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    Thanks Chris. I eventually figured that out but had to tell the program to do so which was a step I didn't recall having to do before. Regardless, all is good. Appreciate your quick response.
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