Corruption of investment register when changing entries and erroneous download

I have had two instances where 1) I change the date or security involved in a transaction entry and 2) The number of shares changes. This horrific and is damaging my confidence in the reliability of the product.

In addition it appears that a download from a T Rowe Price 401k assigned transactions to the wrong security.

Incident#1: My 401K account reconciliation showed a discrepancy of about +0.5 shares of one fund and -0.5 shares of another. I was able to determine that this involved two transactions entered through automatic download that were assigned to the wrong instrument. When I changed the name of the security, I later found that it changed the number of shares in the two transactions and I now had a 2.9 share discrepancy. I made this change by editing the transaction register directly.

Incident#2: The account had been SEP IRA was created in November by transferring to me from my late wife's SEP IRA. I found a discrepancy in two funds of about 1.5 shares each, as if a couple of dividend reinvestments were missed. I selected the "create placeholder entry" option for both funds. I found that when I changed the date of the transaction in the register from 04/10/2020 to 11/15/2019, it altered the amount of the transaction to be over 2000 shares!


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    Let me add that I am using Quicken Deluxe 2020 V R25.21 Build on Windows 10 Pro

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