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Need more than 6 checks, willing to pay. Need to be able to schedule a single/non-recurring payment for a future date. Need to edit the address information on Quickens Check (check pay). Need to fix when a scheduled payee duplicates (know how to fix it manually by doing a file validate)


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    Hi @rwa1 ,

    Have you investigated Banks like PNC Bank or Chase Bank that works with Quicken with a Direct Connect Connection to the Bank and their Bill Pay? Because you can do this with the Banks.

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    I was complaint and moved from Bill Pay to Bill Manager, but have already run out of checks (6). What am I supposed to do, tell my vendor that I can't pay them until next month. This is ridiculous as it would seem like an easy fixed--just change the number. Doesn't involve programming as schedule payments might. Please help out your long-term clients who need to mail checks--a partial solution is no solution
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    edited June 2020
    Hello all,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to make your request.

    I have a small update to provide the R27.20 Release Added the ability to schedule future dated payments for Quick Pay and Check Pay. Users will now be able to set specific dates for payments to be made.

    This is only a portion of the initial request, however, I wanted to leave an update as to what has become available. 

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
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    Thanks for the update @Quicken_Tyka. What is the timeline for that release to be GA? I'm showing release version 26.23, and says I have the latest version (Quicken for Win).
    Unfortunately, with no news from Quicken over the past few months on the enhancement commitments and timeline, I was forced to move to my bank's bill pay service (PNC). Glad I did, cause it's no additional cost, it's integrated with Quicken, and meets most of my needs (future dating, no limit on manual checks or epayments).
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    R 27.20 will be released to a limited number of additional users every day. If no major problems are encountered, the release should be made available within a few days.
    Stay tuned. It's happening!
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