Error 155 FI is blocking traffic - Bank of America

Started with a message from Bank of America that saidmy account was locked because of failed attempts. So I logged into my BofA account and changed the password. Then I tried to update the password Quicken uses to update my transactions. That fails. Quicken can't seem to connect to Bank of America. There is a long period of "Please wait while we contact Bank of America" then eventually I get "Error 155 FI is blocking our traffic. Please verify that you can connect to your bank and navigate until you can see your most recent transactions.
I connected to my bank and verified I could see transactions.

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  • Cody Brunelle
    Cody Brunelle Member ✭✭
    Having same issue with Bank of America today also.
  • YvonneinSonoma
    YvonneinSonoma Member ✭✭
    4/15/20 after Quickenupdate: getting "Error 155 F1 is blocking our traffic" when connecting to both Bank of America and Chase. I logged into the websites (they're fine) and re-entered my login in in Quicken. Still no update. Using 5.15.3 Mac Catalina.
  • PSJerome
    PSJerome Member
    I am having this issue with BofA and several other banks/credit cards today.
  • omar86
    omar86 Member
    Having same issue with Bank of America and getting errors from Chase and CapitolOne. Worked fine a couple days ago.
  • Sparker101
    Sparker101 Member ✭✭
    I'm having the issue with Bank of America, also my Amazon and VISA credit cards.
  • Cody Brunelle
    Cody Brunelle Member ✭✭
    Thank you!
  • richardspda
    richardspda Member ✭✭✭
    thank you for that link.
  • Hakatagal71
    Hakatagal71 Member
    Thank you for this information. I was really getting aggravated. Good to know this should resolve on its own once all the stimulus check traffic dies down.
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