Error in qw log file - DbC PreconditionViolation

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What could cause the error below: (I deleted my log file, restarted quicken, and see this line only in the log file)
"Process id : 2836 Thread id : 9964 : Time 12:01:41 : DbC PreconditionViolation 'pDB != 0 && itemType < GetNumItemTypes() && pItemSpec != 0' in QDBNumItems (qdb.c @ line # 1935.)"

Windows 10
Quicken 2020 R25.21, Build (says latest update when I check)

I have also copied the data file, am using the new file, and did a file validation.

Also seeing a long clock when I try to update accounts before I get the password prompt.


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  • GeoffG
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    This appears to be a normal condition, I have this throughout my file dating back to Jan. If you are concerned about issues with OSU, there are multiple connection issues that will self correct.

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