Mortgage Principal Payments in Budget

cannot figure out how to simultaneously apply a mortgage principal payment against my liability/debt balance AND have it show up in my budget. It seems you can do one, but not both

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  • ODA364
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    Once you effect the "transfer" against the debt balance, it doesn't show up in actuals for the budget as that only includes direct "expenses"
  • pamela77
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    This is a valuable post for me. I was trying to do the same thing - have that payment show up in budgets and also go against the liability. So how do I do the cash flow view and specific selected transfers please?
  • jacobs
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    @pamela77 Well, as I noted above, you can't do this yet in budgets; you can do it in reports. To do it in as report, use  Create Transaction (or Summary) Report. In Customize, go to Accounts and select only accounts which will show one side of the transfers you want to see; then go to the Advanced tab and select to show only transfers to accounts outside the report. 
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