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I have Quicken 2017 but do not have it connected to my bank. I only use it as a
checking/savings register. So, Do I have to upgrade to a newer version of Quicken? The only thing i see when I click the alert that pops up when I open Quicken is a subscription. I don't need anything like that because again, I only use it as a checking register. Is Quicken changing to that format, only subscriptions? Is there an upgrade to download/CD purchase that can be used as a register and is not a subscription? Also, when I up grade will I have to start over and create a new register and thereby loose everything if I forget to back up? Thank you


  • MargieLH
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    Hi Deborah,
    No, you do not have to upgrade if you don't use the download feature. They may still send you reminders to upgrade because the company will not support downloads past a certain date.
    Every time you upgrade the software converts your old data to the new software, so you will not lose anything. Hope this clarifys! :-)
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    @Deborah Edson  You can continue to use Quicken 2017 if you wish. There is no way to stop it from pooping up reminders to upgrade, but if you just dismiss them, you can continue using Quicken 2017 manually, definitely. (At some point in the future, Quicken 2017 may no longer run under a future macOS upgrade, but that could be years away.)

    Alternatively, you could purchase a one year subscription in order to download and use the current version of Quicken Mac. A lot of improvements have been made to the program over the past three years, particularly in reports and recurring entries (QuickFill), and you'll get whatever additional fixes and new features are released over the next 12 months. You could use the software for a year, and when it then prompts you to renew, you could allow your subscription to lapse at that time; you'd lose download services (which you don't use), further updates to the software, and technical support, but you can continue to use the software manually, just as you are now. (One additional thing to know about that is that once your subscription lapses, Quicken takes the right roughly 20% of the Quicken window to install a permanent reminder about upgrading; it's rather obnoxious, but they feel it's an effective way of getting people to renew. As long as you can live with ignoring that reminder, you can keep going manually for as long as you wish.)
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