Lifetime Planner options for Mac user?

I migrated from Q4Win to Q4Mac several years ago. I prefer the Mac version but I now need the lifetime planner which is only available in Q4Win.

Query #1 - does Quicken on the web have Lifetime planner?

Query #2 - I can reinstall Parallels and run Q4Win. If I do so, can I continue using Q4Mac and synch to Q4Win? Or do I need to convert data to Q4Win?

Query #3 - assuming I have to convert data from Q4Mac to Q4Win, am I likely to run into problems?

Query #4 - Am I nuts? Should I be looking for an alternative to lifetime planner? And what would that be?

Thank you for any and all recommendations!

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  • kinseattle
    kinseattle Member ✭✭
    Thank you. I am on the Premier subscription service. It looks like I should install Parallels, download Quicken for Windows (Q4Win) and convert my historical data. Then I can use the Windows version for planning but continue using the Mac version day to day. If necessary, I can download data directly into the Windows version to update the plan. Seems a nuisance but easier than trying to do the planning without it.
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