The Euro sign is showing in Billing

I installed Quicken for Web and imported a qif file from my bank. The register looks good and started adding my online bills. They're added ok but the monetary sign is the euro but the amt owed is correct. Any help appreciated.

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  • GeoffG
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    Where are you physically located?
  • Chris_QPW
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    Just to get some terms straight.
    You can't install "Quicken for Web".  You install Quicken Desktop (knows as either Quicken Windows or Quicken Mac), and if you like you can sync your data to the "Quicken cloud account" and you can view that account using Quicken Web (no install since it is a website) or Quicken Mobile.

    Further more only Quicken Desktop allows importing of transactions through a file like QFX or QIF.  You can't directly import a file into Quicken Web/the Quicken cloud account.

    Note this has nothing to do with Euro sign problem, but it should help to get the terms correct for discussing Quicken in the future.
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  • mjj4golf
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    Thanks Chris_QPW, that was it!
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