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I am using the new Quicken bill pay service that was just rolled out, and have setup five bills/vendors (utilities mainly - electric, cable, etc.). Quicken correctly logs into those accounts and downloads the bills. However, the dates are ALL wrong. Right now, it is showing the next bills will not be due until June (should all be April or May). Not only is this confusing, but if you try to hit "Pay Now", it sets the payment date be the incorrect date two months into the future.

I don't see any way to manually edit the due dates, or to get it to reset. Suggestions?

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    Hello @ATX78645


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. That is quite odd that is happening. Is this doing check pay or quick pay? Could you also take a screenshot of it so we're able to see as well what it looks like. Once we get a bit more info we'll be able to see if we can reset or adjust it.

    Once you get a chance to respond let us know!




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    Here are some sample screenshots. Notice the bill for Pedernales Electric. Typical monthly utility bill. Last paid $113.86 on 4/9. Quicken showing next bill won't be until June 9 (6/9), two months from now.

    Next bill to look at is City of Cedar Park. The most recent bill that Quicken downloaded shows Due Date 3/16 (you can see that in the PDF it downloads). It showed that it wasn't due until May (incorrect), so manually paid it anyway, and you can see in the screenshot that it future dated the payment to May 15th, and thinks that the next bill won't be due until June 16th.
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