Unable to Activate Upgrade from 2017 Premier to new Subscription

spmcevoy Member
Yesterday (Sunday) I finally gave in and went to Quicken.com and purchased the upgrade for my 2017 product to newest 'subscription' model. Took my money just fine. Downloaded installer, ran in place, removed 2017, installed 2019. Upon opening it asked for my Quicken account, I put in email and password I used to make purchase. Complains that my account doesn't have license, and to activate with code from email. Confirmation email has no code in it. I login to Quicken.com with same email I used to purchase, and it showed my 2019, my 2017, and my 2015 purchases. No codes. TODAY (Monday) I login, and now it doesn't even show my 2017 or 2019, just my 2015. What gives??? It seems like they've screwed up what's linked to my account.

I just want to get this darn upgrade activated and get back to doing my books.

Any suggestions on how to actually get it activated?

PC is Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit OS.


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