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I get a pop up which says 10% off if I upgrade from Quicken for Mac 2017 but the simple option is not available. i don't need the extra stuff. Does this mean they won't give 10% off the basic program for Mac? If so they should say so rather than eliminate the option which is deceptive.


  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hello Bosco, 
    Rather than fighting the landing page, just contact support directly; whomever answers the phone should easily be able to assist you in getting the version of Quicken you would like (while honoring the 10% off offer too).
  • jacobs
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    @boscojjones  Before you purchase Quicken Starter Edition, you should be aware that any purchase of Quicken nowadays is an annual subscription, and Quicken Starter Edition will not allow you to enter data manually if your subscription lapses. By contrast, Quicken Deluxe allows you to continue to enter data manually even if your subscription lapses.

    On Amazon, you'll currently pay $35 for Starter and $45 for Deluxe, so you might want to consider whether it's worth the extra $10 or not. Of course, if you plan to renew your subscription every year without fail, then there's no problem with Starter. (And make sure you're aware of the other features not in Starter, such as loans, budgets and investments; only get Starter if you're sure you don't want any of those features.) 
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