Quicken vs Simplifi

As a Quicken user, is there any point in using Simplifi?

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  • Thank you. I understand now.
  • Chris_QPW
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    BTW there is also:

    Do you want to start over or do you want to keep your transaction history?

    Simplifi can't import any Quicken data.
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  • mybank2002
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    I am trying Simplifi out only because I didn't realize that the mobile app for Quicken couldn't download transactions without the desktop app. I think the description on how it is different is way too vague and confusing. 

    Clearly a different set of users but how are you standing out from the crowd with apps like (Removed)d the myriad of others on the market. Seems like Quicken could have been there for that as well but I guess they thought not. 

    Is it possible to have the iOS Quicken app or web browser version of Quicken connect to banks and download transactions without having to use a computer?

    I am afraid to even recommend Simplifi to my son for fear of it going belly-up because of unclear market people and confusing website description over Quicken. They really need a side by side comparison chart rather than just saying different market. They are going after the person that uses a spreadsheet and connects to their banks from what I read. Okay then why can't Quicken fill that roll if you are using a spreadsheet? Sounds like a computer user to me. I don't really get it and since you can't import or export your data from or to other apps seems like it could be very frustrating down the road! 
  • Quicken Hugh
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    Perhaps a recent independent third party evaluation will help you? https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-budgeting-apps-and-tools/
  • mybank2002
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    Thanks a bunch, that helps a bit. I will continue to look for a side-by-side of how it stands out from Quicken. I passed that on to my son who is trying to figure out which one to use Quicken or Simplifi. 
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