Should linked transfers between internal Quicken accounts be left off 'Reports'? (Q Mac)

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All of my transfer transactions have been 'linked' to other transactions in their opposing bank accounts within Quicken. If Quicken recognizes that the linked transfers between internal accounts are neither external income or expenses, I would think there would be no figure next to 'Transfers' on the 'Category' report...

However, Quicken is showing a figure of $2K next to 'Transfers' on my report. I can't figure out why. When I click 'Transfers' to view the transactions that have been included in this $2K, nothing happens - no 'drop down' transactions appear.

I've tried searching for transfer transactions that have *not* been "linked" to their opposing accounts but nothing doing - all the transfers have the opposing transfer account within brackets in the 'Category' column.

If someone could give me a little guidance, that would be great. Thanks!

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    Yes! I was using the Category Summary report. Thanks so much!

    Okay - I'm mess around with the Create Summary Report instead.
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