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I am using Quicken for Windows version R26.15 (build on a W10 computer.

My kids own DIS (Walt Disney). I happen to be looking at the Price in Quicken and it is showing $79.49 and updated 4/21/2020 (screenshot attached). Yahoo is showing $100.54 at 4/21/2020 close. I can't find where DIS has been that low in the last 5 years, so I'm confused where it's coming from.

I saw the issue linked here:

Is it possible the issue is actually not resolved or is there something I am not understandng about this particular stock? Most of what we own is in funds, but the few other individual stocks we own look correct.

Thanks in advance for helping me understand.

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @dshan,

    Apparently there is a problem with the data that is being downloaded in Quicken.  It is not you or your understanding about this stock - Quicken is just providing a bad price to you. Not sure what the problem might be, because I am getting the correct price in Quicken this morning - which is $100.54.

    I would suggest that you try to update the prices of all your securities again this morning after the markets open and if you still have this issue you should contact Quicken Support - here's the link

    Good luck!


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  • Ps56k2
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    Here is a current listing - from the Security Details --> Update Price History -

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  • dshan1061
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    Thanks to all. I did update prices yesterday before I posted, and when that didn't fix it, I was perplexed as I'd never noticed any issues before (with admittedly limited individual stock experience). I went in this morning and updated DIS as NotACPA referenced. The pic attached is what I have after that update (I updated historical prices 5 years back). 4/21 is still showing the incorrect price, but I believe I can edit right there. And 4/22 is correct, so it was maybe just a glitch related to the issue they were having.
  • GeoffG
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    The pic you provide and the one from ps56k represent different holdings. One is Disney, the other is Walt Disney Co. You might want to check the ticker symbol to be sure it's the right stock.
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  • dshan1061
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    Frankx, I think you may be correct that I did "something" that caused the manual price, and surely should have mentioned it. Though these shares were bought for my kids in 2013, I just put them in Quicken on 4/21/2020... our oldest is getting to the point where we are looking to split out her accounts into her own file; I wanted this there as well (we'll run side by side until she gets the hang of Quicken). I will say that I did have DIS in our Securities list before 4/20 as we did own some many years ago. As I was poking around, I went in to Edit Security Details. I do not recall the exact chain of events, but I believe when I went to get out of that screen, it changed the name from Disney (which is what I had named it prior) to Walt Disney Co... I'm pretty sure it asked if I was okay with it, and figured Quicken knew better than me! After that, I performed the updates on the stock and noticed the issue. I suspect that something I did made quicken think I entered a manual price. It probably wouldn't matter a great deal to me having that day wrong (as long as it eventually updated), I just like learning more about Quicken. While I 've used it since MS Money was abandoned, I didn't use all that was available. There's some neat things that I am just NOW working with!

    GeoffG, to your point, when it was giving me a different price, that was the first thing I checked; I know some of the individual stocks we own are class B, with a different ticker symbol. When I searched yahoo finance for "DIS", it pulled up MANY Disney stocks, but all on different stock exchanges. I can definitely be wrong (it has happened a couple times :) ), but I it looked like only one stock domestically, with symbol DIS.

    Thanks again for the help and advice!
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