I did a restore for computer and now some transactions not appearing

I did a restore to a point a few days earlier to clear an issue with a program I was having. Unfortunately I didn't back up quicken data as didn't realize it would cause an issue. Dumb, I know. Anyway, it is showing a flag next to many accounts saying that I have downloaded transactions now that I need to clear but there are no transactions that I can find anywhere. I tried another download and nothing new downloads, either directly through quicken or through the bank site. How can I clear these and redownload them?

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  • The Keeper
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    I've never tried this so I have no first-hand experience. Try undoing the system restore and see if your previous Quicken data file is correct. If it is, back up your Quicken data file and then do another restore to a previous date. If your Quicken data file is corrupt again, restore it from the back-up you made. 

    I found these two somewhat different sets of instructions

    How to Undo a System Restore in Windows
    1. Save your stuff! ... then
    2. Start System Restore: From the Start button menu, choose All Programs→Accessories→System Tools→System Restore.
    3. Choose the option Undo My Last Restoration.
    4. Click the Next button. ...
    5. Click the Next button, which, honestly, should be relabeled the Undo button.
    1. Step 1: Go to Control Panel and click Recovery, select "Open System Restore".
    2. Step 2: Select "Undo System Restore" and click "Next".
    3. You can click "Scan for affected programs" to see what will be changed after undoing the System Restore.
    4. Step 3: Click "Finish" to complete.

    Rule of Thumb: If you only have one back-up for your data files, your backup isn't really backed up which is what you just experienced because you can't access your Quicken backup file. It is highly unlikely that all three of my external backups will be corrupt at the same time. Actually, I have four external backups because I have a desktop computer with Windows 7 and a laptop with Windows 10. I still use my Windows 7 to work on Quicken and save my data to DropBox as stated above. I can then go to my laptop, open Quicken, restore backup and I restore the file from DropBox. If my Windows 7 computer crashes, I can still access Quicken from my laptop and I can restore any data from either the flash drive, the external hard drive or from DropBox which is quicker because you don't have to remove a flash drive or the external hard drive and connect it to your second computer. Color me parnoid!

    I back up my data to a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, and to DropBox.

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    Thanks all. I was able to follow the thread Geoff posted and get the transactions cleared. Strange thing though is it may have had nothing to do with my restoring but rather a quicken update that subsequently may have gotten corrupted with some of the things I did. Others had the problem after doing the latest quicken update. Also, I notice my quicken is now operating somewhat differently that before with a blue icon by new transaction to review instead of a flag. Strange.
    I did want to ask The Keeper about the backups that you use to run quicken. One of my issues is trying to keep track of my regular updated files versus back up files. I too operate with different computers using the same quicken file. Usually if I just need to open a file in a different computer I just shut it down on the last computer and the file is up to date in my One drive where I keep it and I can just open it on any other computer. But this isn't the same as a back up. How would I do it differently to make sure I"m always getting the most current. I've accidentally overwritten newer files with older and don't want that to happen again. Major Pain!
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