Is there any way to change Current Budget graph to show Actual and Budget columns?

In previous releases of Quicken (and I'll specifically mean Quicken H&B 2013 in this question, the Current Budget Graph showed two columns for each month. One column was Actual in dark blue and the other column was Budget in green. In Quicken 2020 which I am running now, there is only one column which changes colour to indicate whether the amount is favourable or unfavourable. Is there any way in Quicken 2020 to change the graph for Current Budget to have the two column display format (as it was in Quicken H&B 2013)?

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  • Scooterlam
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    Unfortunately, I don't see a way to convert the "net" monthly bar display, shown below,  to separate budget and actual bar display.  Too bad there isn't a visibility option, in the report's display tab, to select "net", "actual", "budget", or any of the three.

  • cmzs
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    Right, I couldn't find a way either. For the record, here are examples of 2013 and 2020 graphs.
  • cmzs
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    I'm going to update this discussion with two comments.
    1. I phone Product Support and asked this question. The answer was no you cannot do it as the capability is not in the product at this point.
    2. I thought I didn't have any old budget reports, but I found one in my saved reports, and cloned it (save with new name) and updated it to current year. It provides the graph the way I want it (2 column format). So it appears you cannot create one from scratch which has 2 column format graph, but if you have an old budget report around you can use it to create a new report with a 2 column format graph.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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