Navy Federal Credit Union has red exclamation point in Bills & Income

I have multiple Navy Federal accounts that download transactions just fine. However, when I try to create and track an ebill under Bills and income it says success BUT quick pay is greyed out and the left margin has a red exclamation point (account is locked. please login to you eBillers website...).
I have tried linking, unlinking, deleting it and even tried deactivating transactions downloads - delete the password in Mac keychain - and re-establishing downloads.
It has worked in past.


  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @jdlong2j

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    I have taken the liberty of reviewing the online biller profile for Navy Federal Credit Union and I see that this biller is successfully syncing.

    Are you still experiencing any issues with this biller or did the error clear up?

    Please let me know!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • jdlong2j
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    Not sure yet.
    A payment I sent last night after the steps below came back 'Failed'.
    This is what we did last night:
    1. deleting the NFCU ebill
    2. exporting the qfx file.
    3. creating a new quicken file
    4. creating a new ebill for NFCU (seemingly successfully; no red error exclamation)
    5. re importing the qfx file
    6. sending the bill payment to NFCU and thinking it was successful.
    7. syncing this morning and finding that it actually "Failed".
    8. went ahead and paid the bill outside quicken.

    Today at a different location and public area behind a vpn, I deleted and created the NFCU bill and it does not show the error. This time it did ask for 2factor auth when I created the ebill.

    But, I guess I won't know til I try to pay a bill again.
    No red exclamation mark error so far, however.
    I'm very suspicious it is related to the NFCU 2 factor auth issue.
    Of all my credit cards with 2factor, only NFCU asks every time I sync downloads.
    I see a pattern - when I created the ebill before and it did not ask for 2 factor, I get the red exclamation error.
    Being off site and behind vpn, nacu may have asked 2 factor since it did not recognize the behind the scenes quicken 'browser' app.
    I was about to call NFCU and ask if 2 factor could be turned off OR if they have a way like Citi does to give 10minute window to sync through quicken and allow quicken as trusted app.

  • jdlong2j
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    Not sure. Won't know til I try to pay again.

    Last night I thought I successfully sent the ebill payment to NFCU but it came back this morning as 'Failed' . So I paid it outside quicken.

    That was after we did the following:
    1. delete the NFCU ebill.
    2. Export qfx file.
    3. create new file
    4. create ebill successfully with NFCU (no red exclamation error)
    5. import qfx file.
    6. send ebill payment which submitted properly but came back failed by next morning.

    Today outside home location and behind vpn, I deleted and created the NFCU ebill and so far no red exclamation error. It asked me for 2 factor auth.

    I'm suspicious of the NFCU 2 factor auth. NFCU is the only credit card that asks for 2 factor every time I download transactions.
    Moreover, if I created and ebill and it does NOT ask for 2 factor, it will say 'success' but then have the red error and not allow quick pay.

    I was about to call NFCU and see if they can turn off 2 factor OR if they have a way like citi to give a 10min window to allow syncing and then quicken becomes a trusted app.

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