Is there a 529 which supports Quicken?

I have been using Scholarshare, the California 629, for the benefit of my six grandchildren. It worked very nicely with Quicken until January 1, 2020. They made some changes in their platform and dropped Quicken support. They say it is a platform issue and didn't mention Intuit fees. I would like to move Scholarshare accounts to a 529 which supports Quicken. I started by looking at Ohio 529. They told me the Intuit fees are prohibitive. Does anyone know of a 529 which supports Quicken?


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    Here's what I've found by searching thru FIDIR.TXT, which contains the list of all of the "Participating Financial Institutions" who connect to Q.
    Happy Hunting.

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    We happen to use an Illinois 529 - and it didn't have any way of downloading.
    There was very little activity on the account - not sure about yours - so just added entries manually; when fees were paid, or statements received and I manually updated the fund prices, and of course any yearly contributions or periodic withdrawals....
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    Hi there. I have 529 plans for my kids and am just starting to use Quicken. There is no auto download and I am struggling to figure out how to enter updates manually. Do I just update the fund prices monthly? How does that work? I welcome any tutorial or suggestions (I searched but did not find in the documentation). I also would like to know how to connect the 529 plan to my budget so that the upcoming tuition payment (my oldest is starting college this fall) is connected to the 529. Thanks !!
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    Massachusetts 529 through Fidelity works fine with Quicken. The FI is "Fidelity Investments Mac."
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