Fill or Modify Budget Amounts from Scheduled Transactions

I would like to start a budget from a zero balance in all categories, ignoring past spending in the categories. I basically have a scheduled transaction for every category of planned spending and add scheduled transactions for any new categories of planned spending.

Is there a way to fill budget categories based on scheduled transactions?



  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, John:

    No, there is no way to fill a budget based on scheduled transactions. 

    I suggest you start with a budget set with zero goals, and go from there based on what you feel necessary. Then, adjust as necessary. (I have to tweak my budget from time to time.)
  • shalafarky
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    Can't believe this isn't getting more traction - is the budgeting capability completely disconnected from the rest of Quicken? Having to add transactions that I've already scheduled into the future to a budget separately is a complete waste of time & an obvious miss. Is this at least a known/recognized issue?
  • Chris_QPW
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    @shalafarky given that you asked in a Windows thread if reminders can be used in a budget for Mac (and the Windows guys like me won't know the answer) I thought I would add something here to clarify what is being talked about in these two threads since they are in fact different.

    As I understand this thread what @jjstipe wants for the budget numbers to be filled in based on his reminders.  This the "setup" part of the budgeting.

    In the Windows thread the use of reminders isn't for filling in the budget numbers, it is for predicting future transactions to make sure the budget really does cover the future income/expenses.

    @John_in_NC Has already stated that the first "setup" use case isn't supported (and it supported in the Windows version either).  Whether the second use case is supported in Mac I don't know.
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